7 Reasons The Nintendo Gamecube Is Still The Best Console Of All Time

A cube the likes of which we shall never see again.


All the way back on 3 May 2001, Nintendo released the GameCube to... well, fanfare is definitely the wrong word to use. A lot of people mocked the console for a number of reasons - most of which we'll get into in a few minutes. Those people are idiots. Big dumb idiots who never deserved something as beautiful as the GameCube in the first place.

Some of you, however, wisely paid no mind to the criticism levelled at this glorious little box. Some of you were maybe even lucky enough to be taken to the midnight launch by your mum despite the fact that it was actually her birthday that day. And maybe that's a fact that you're only just realising right this minute and you feel super bad about it... huh.

Anyway, we stand by the fact that the GameCube to this day is underrated. With some of the best games and features of any console in history. In fact, we'd go as far as to claim it's the best console of all time and, yes, we welcome your inevitable fury at that claim.

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