7 Shared Universe Video Game Theories That Might Actually Be True

Step aside, Marvel.


Shared universes are all the rage these days, with seemingly every single movie studio clamouring to mash their various intellectual properties together in the hopes of raking in the big bucks - all to various degrees of success.

Though if you want to talk about shared universes, gaming is the place to look, as it is arguable that video game developers have been pushing shared universes long before movies ever got the idea.

As such, 'shared universe theories' are some of the most popular and prevalent in various fan and theorist communities, and for good reason. Not only are they some of the more plausible of all potential spins on established canons, but they offer the idea of a fantastical reality where all our favourite video game heroes join together in one grandiose adventure.

Does this mean we can expect Nintendo's version of the Avengers any time soon? Probably not, but it's still a fun thing to imagine.

Then again, Nintendo has just decided that the next big thing for the Switch is a bunch of cardboard peripherals, so who am I to say what they're going to do next...

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