7 Terrible Video Game Weapons That Became ULTIMATE WEAPONS

From pathetic to powerful.

Dark souls broken sword

The saying goes that a hero is only as good as their weapon, and there's a degree of truth to that.

While it's amazing that you're able to spout volumes on how the Big Evil TM of the land is going to rue the day they crossed your path, that statement is a lot less imposing when you're wielding what amounts to a half-broken plastic fork that bends by looking at it too hard.

Therefore, when it comes to video games it's all about equipping our heroes with the best weapons for the job at every possible opportunity, and will sometimes go to great lengths to unlock and acquire devastating additions to the arsenal.

This obviously means that some weapons don't even see the light of day, either because of their poor stats or joke status within the title, yet maybe we should pay closer attention to these dull and rusted bits of scrap, as sometimes their true potential is just hidden to all but the most dedicated fans.

To those willing to put in the graft, these weapons can become truly deadly and rightly feared.

7. The Wooden Sword - Ninja Gaiden (Xbox)

Dark souls broken sword
Team Ninja

The legend of the Wooden Sword from Ninja Gaiden on the original Xbox is the stuff of legend, a joke weapon in a video game built from the ground up to laugh at your failures.

Not content with making the game harder than subzero's nipples, the devs gave players the option of wielding the pathetically puny Wooden Sword, which enemies will rightly bat away as they pummel you over and over. Aside from challenging themselves in an already supremely challenging game, what could the point of this weapon even be? Well, it turns out, that the Wooden Sword is actually the most powerful weapon in the game just hiding in plain sight.

In order to turn the Wooden Sword into the Unlabored Flawlessness, the player must upgrade the weapon to its max level, however, in order to get the full power out of this weapon, they're also going to need to do something else.

Take some damage.

For you see the weapon only reaches ultimate status once you drop below 25% health, wherein it dishes out so much punishment it can actually feel like the game is finally on a fair playing field. Still, it does kinda suck that you've gone through all this effort and have to risk being one-shotted yourself to get the most out of this sword. Still, for those willing to run the razor's edge, this is the sword for you.

The only saving grace about this utter face cave of a grind is that at least you don't have to use the Wooden Sword while you're farming for materials to upgrade it, allowing you to use any of the other, much better weapons in order to do battle. Although this point is somewhat diluted when you realize you're still having to use these weapons without upgrades because all your resources have gone into the aforementioned weaksauce broom handle!

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