7 Things We Learned From AEW’s Fight Forever Reveal

AEW just dropped details on Fight Forever's new roster members, gameplay and more.

AEW Fight Forever Hangman Page
AEW Games

AEW's first ever console game will be called 'Fight Forever'.

That last word is fitting, because it feels like forever since pro wrestling fans had a viable competitor to WWE's 2K franchise. Sure, alternatives like Legends Of Wrestling, the cherished Fire Pro series and a few others have come and gone, but there hasn't been a top game based on one specific company since WCW bit the dust.

Today, AEW Games dropped a bit more info on their upcoming title during the latest 'All Elite Arcade' episode on Twitch. Unfortunately, but typically for the wrasslin' biz, all that hype on social media beforehand boiled down to two roster member reveals and a little more gameplay footage.

Thankfully, both Fightful Select and Bodyslam.net came through to bolster AEW's official announcements - both sites had some tasty info to share themselves, and it's all three that makes up the content here.

So, if you want to know what hardware you can play Fight Forever on, what the presentation looks like, who's new on the playable roster, who's the first legend to be announced and more, then you've come to the right place.

Let's dig in.

7. It’ll Be On PC Too

AEW Fight Forever Hangman Page
AEW Games

One has to feel for Evil Uno.

The Dark Order member opened AEW's Fight Forever reveal by announcing that Adam Cole was late. Uno sat there and talked for a while on his own before Cole finally showed up and the pair were joined by both Kris Statlander and referee Aubrey Edwards.

That's when Uno served up quite the tasty nugget of info about the new game - he told a visibly excited Cole that Fight Forever will be coming to PC as well as consoles. There was no word on whether a souped-up PS5 and Xbox Series X version is coming, or if it'll be last-gen, but the PC announcement is good news.

Strictly, despite being branded as such, this won't be "a console game". AEW Games probably just said that so people would be able to differentiate between the mobile-only GM title and some of the other things they had planned last year.

To confirm, AEW Fight Forever is PC-bound.

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