7 Times Game Developers Messed Up Historical Characters

When gamimg developers just straight away skipped all their history lessons.


Video games can teach us a lot of things. From Dark Souls, we learn patience and observation while standing across from a boss. Many strategy games teach us, well, strategy, while Counter-Strike teaches us a plethora of colourful swearwords in multiple languages.

But one thing developers really love to teach us is history.

They want us to dive into the past and discover long-forgotten tales, and while many video games are fairly accurate when it comes to settings and social mores, they often miss the mark on specific characters.

A good example of historical accuracy is Kingdom Come: Deliverance. It places us in the country of Bohemia in the early 14th century in the midst of a succession war. The game perfectly mimics the culture of those times as well as the characters you encounter. Other games, however, change historical characters entirely for the gameplay or plot's sake. Sometimes you just want a game featuring Leonardo da Vinci creating a weapon which was entirely impossible for that time period, or giving a classic Italian poet a giant scythe to cut demons and whatnot in to pieces.

Let's look at those times game developers should have spent an extra buck in the research department.


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