7 Times The Video Game Industry Gave In To Greed

When video game payouts don't pay off.

Atari Money

Today, we’re going to get a little naughty and talk about gaming sins.

We're going to show you some extreme examples of anger, gluttony, lust and all the other fun ones that have been witnessed within the video game community. Some of these are not going to be pretty, but the aim of this series is to draw attention to some of the awful and sometimes humorous things that developers and fans have tried to pull.

What better place to start than with greed? At this time of writing, we have been inundated with examples of money grabbing studios and the cheesiest ways to gouge our wallets, so it seems the most logical - and frankly, bloody easiest - place to start. After all, the industry was built on sucking quarters straight out of your jean pocket. Everything which has followed has been an extension of that basic core philosophy.

Obviously, there are many many more examples than the ones given here, so leave them down below and make this a monument to calling out the shady practices that run rampant in our community.

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