7 Times Video Game Fans Lost Their Minds At Stupid Things

4. Aloy's Face

Horizon Aloy

Now I hate to break it to you fellas, but women see, they don't actually exist in some sort of weird hairless state like some sort of plastic skin android. They, much like every other creature with follicles grow hair! Gasp! Egad! etc. etc.

If that seemed overly pedantic then congratulations you're not part of the feckless twits who decided to take to social media to complain about how Alloy the much-loved character from the outstanding Horizon series had, let me check my notes here, too much hair on her face.

Seriously this is genuinely depressing because it speaks to a collection of people who have become so brainwashed by photoshopped images or the idealised perception of female beauty that the mere sight of Vellus Hair (peach fuzz) on a woman's face is something they see as an issue. An issue that they feel they need to tell others about. An issue that they use to call other women ugly. An issue that is 100% stupid.

What was meant to be a developer showcasing the power of the PS5 and the attention to detail that many had slaved over became a jumbled mess that saw some gamers even airbrush Alloy, apply makeup, change her bone structure and then parade this around as if it were the true expression of human beauty.

I know it might blow your mind by this beauty isn't real, in any sense of the word.


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