7 Times Video Game Fans Lost Their Minds At Stupid Things

5. Sonicfox Gets Added To Skullgirls

Horizon Aloy
Lab Zero Games

For those not in the know, SonicFox is kinda a big deal when it comes to the fighting game sphere of video games.

Not only do they possess an uncanny ability to pick up almost any fighting game and master it in a matter of rounds, but they have propped up so many e-sports events that they've become the face of digital brawling for many. So much so that it wasn't actually that much of a surprise when they were offered a cameo spot in the absolutely rip-roaring classic Skullgirls.

Well that was unless you were part of the community that was up in arms about the idea, for you see when it was announced that SonicFox would be added in to the background of one of the stages as an NPC, some "fans" were up in arms about this decision actively claiming that it "ruined the game". Which is utterly stupid right?

And it gets worse the further you look into things, as SonicFox's inclusion wasn't this huge bombastic statement, it was one character on a stage that players might not play on and where SonicFox themselves might not even appear due to the rotation of others characters that cycle out upon stage selection, and yet this small inclusion was a big problem for some, who's argument probably played out as such:

"Your honor I am annoyed because a developer put a person I don't like in the background of a game and it's ruining my entire experience so I've gathered my small-minded mates to review bomb this game to hell and make mods to remove SonicFox from the back-why are you hitting your gavel so much? Why are you escorting me out of the building?"

And if that's not enough then ask yourself this, if SonicFox was replaced with a cameo of John Rambo or a Duke Nukem would you be as annoyed? You'd maybe question what connection the aforementioned figures have to fighting games, with the answer being none, but their presence would be a curio rather than a point of anger right? Well, SonicFox bleeds love for the fighting genre, they have been the best player at multiple fighting games, including Skullgirls, and deserve that spot far more than many others.

And if you take out the connection to fighting games out of the equation what is there left to be annoyed about? That they are a furry? That they are openly gay? That they use "they" pronouns? Well my friend it looks like the real fight you need to focus on is one of acceptance and tolerance.


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