7 Video Game Achievements You Had To PAY For

6. Day One Achievement - Xbox One

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In what must be one of the most bizarre, yet ultimately fitting examples of extreme video game marketing, Microsoft decided to "reward" players who pre-ordered and purchased an Xbox One console directly from the House of M themselves with a one of a kind achievement.

Alongside a spangly new piece of hardware and a rather tasty exclusive controller, punters would get a QR or text code for the "Day One Achievement" which could then be input into the Xbox One.

The pop of this achievement, which rather insultingly doesn't even come with any gamerscore (come on Microsoft we just dropped hundreds on this could you at least make it worth 1K?), would ring out like a cash register opening across homes, signalling to all those around that they did indeed choose to pre-order at a higher price directly from Microsoft in order to be part of this exclusive club.

Admittedly many did so for the controller alone but the fact that so many registered this achievement was proof that they wanted their friends to know they'd put their money where their mouth was. Bit of a shame that subsequent updates to the home page kind of buried achievement lists meaning likely no one on their friend's list even knew about it.

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