7 Video Game Fan Theories Confirmed By The Creators

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Horizon Dawn

Compared to movies, books, TV, and just about every other form of entertainment on the planet, games require the biggest time investment by a significant margin.

Even linear games like Uncharted can take upwards of 10 hours for a single playthrough - and that's without factoring in collectibles - while vast open-worlds like Far Cry 5 and Spider-Man are easy to sink dozens of hours into without even doing half of what the game has to offer.

Because players spend so much time within these virtual worlds (and therefore usually care a great deal about them), it's no surprise that video game fan theories are more common than YouTube clips of cats falling into bins. Just about every gaming series in existence has plenty of popular theories accompanying it, and sometimes these are even confirmed by the creators, completely changing how players view the package as a whole, or simply adding a bit of extra flavour to repeat playthroughs.

In some cases these theories are just throwaway bits of fun, but in others, they might completely flip your favourite gaming universes on their heads...

7. Commandant Steele Is A Siren - Borderlands

Horizon Dawn
2K Games

Antagonist of the first Borderlands game, Commandant Steele is nowhere near as memorable as Borderland's 2's Handsome Jack, but she still proved an effective foil during the many hours players would spend traversing Pandora's rich open world.

The game didn't dive too deep into the character's past and origins, but looks-wise, Steele bore a striking resemblance to hero Lilith, one of the classes you could select as your playable character (Steele was actually modelled on an early version of Lilith, revealed to GameInformer in 2007).

Lilith Borderlands
2K Games

As such, this sparked debate that the two characters were connected somehow, and fans began to theorize that Steele, like Lilith, was a Siren - a woman with powerful mystical abilities.

It seemed like a safe bet: the tattoos, eye shape and skin tone shared by the two characters are obvious parallels, and Steele being a Siren was hinted at in the game. But for the longest time, the matter was never officially addressed.

That is until years later, when Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford responded to a fan on Twitter with a simple line: "I consider her to be a Siren", confirming the theory and putting any remaining doubts to rest.


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