7 Video Game Fan Theories Confirmed By The Creators

5. Symmetra Is Autistic - Overwatch

Horizon Dawn

Some would argue that representation for representation's sake isn't necessarily a good thing, but it's also not a bad thing for people of all ages to look at the big screen, small screen or computer screen and see characters they can relate to directly, whether that's because of a particular disability, sexuality, religion or skin colour.

Multiplayer juggernaut Overwatch offered up a heartwarming example of this in early 2017, with a long-rumoured fan theory being confirmed in the process.

The theory - that character Symmetra was actually autistic - stemmed from an official Overwatch digital comic titled A Better World. In it, Symmetra is front-and-centre, and during the story she states that she's always been seen as "different".

This - along with mentions of "the spectrum" - led fans to the natural conclusion, but it was never officially acknowledged by Blizzard until a year later when Overwatch director Jeffrey Kaplan sent a letter to a fan (after said fan had contacted the developer to praise the game), part of which read "Symmetra is autistic", confirming the theory outright.


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