7 Video Game Sequels That Mocked Mechanics Fans Hated

Just... how many towers do you want me to climb, exactly?

Ultimate Spider-Man Balloon Child

Video game franchises experience just as many highs and lows as those in any other medium, but they're also unique in that they have the chance to make amends in unique ways. While a film or TV show can retcon an unpopular storyline or simply take the p*ss with it in some respects (anyone remember Community's 'Gas Leak' year?), games can go much further by engaging the player in one of those barbs.

Actually getting in on the act of mocking a once hated mechanic, feature or plot-point can restore good faith between a studio and a fanbase, but it can also illustrate how developers have innovated on a given concept.

These hated mechanics weren't game-breaking by any means, but they were occasionally frustrating and, in some cases, lampooned heavily by fans and critics to the point where they necessitated a direct response.

In some instances, said responses can be so big that they actually invent an entire new mechanic altogether, as was the case with 2005's Ultimate Spider-Man, or even govern how an intro plays out, like in Far Cry 5.

Studios are constantly learning from their mistakes. And if they can have a sense of humour about it too? Well, that's all the better.

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