7 Video Games Made HARDER With Co-op

With friends like these...

dark souls 2

When the forces of video game Evil have got you pressed into a corner, it's always nice to know that someone out there has your back, and when it comes to this medium, that usually takes the form of another player diving in headfirst/foot first/axe first into the fray to help you out.

With another player or a team of seasoned veterans by your side, it can make even the most daunting games far easier, as now you've got real allies that stop to pick you up, pass you ammo and don't just run off of aimlessly gawp at you while you're bleeding out.

Looking at you, A.I. from Left 4 Dead.

And yet, sometimes adding another player into the mix only makes a recipe for disaster.

With poor communication, timing or just a lack of understanding on what to actually do, you can multiply the frustration of some games to new and ungodly levels, and may actively make you wish for an isolated desert-based life come the end of things.

7. Any Halo Game On Legendary

dark souls 2

When donning the mantle of the big green tin can of man spam that is the Master Cheif it can be very easy to buy into the power fantasy that you truly are the best humanity has to offer.

Yet, the experience changes somewhat as soon as you bump up the difficulty, as now instead of charging forwards, you're learning the meaning of "tactical retreat" in all it's forms, and here, on Legendary, the only ones laughing are the Grunts as they toe punt your corpse over and over.

So how could this experience get any more humbling? Well, add in some friends and the knowledge that all enemies double in health on this mode and will down you in seconds, and multiply it by the fact that in some Halo games you aren't going to be respawning next to your buddy after you die but back at the last checkpoint and you can see how this makes for a painful experience.

Things got somehow even worse if you and your pals attempted the Vidmaster Challenge: Annual on Halo 3 as here you'd need to complete the Halo level as a group of four with Iron Skull on (which resets the entire level if even one of you dies) with everyone riding in a Ghost. There are so many elements of this that can go wrong, and you'll likely be minus three friends by the end of this.

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