7 Video Games That Are BEST On The Hardest Difficulty

Better when brutal.

DMC Devil May Cry Dante
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When it comes to video games there are very few things that people can agree on. We argue about which titles are the best, which consoles deserve our love and support, and of course, for some strange few, they will choose to die on a hill for the right to tell people what difficulty modes people should play their games on.

Now I'm all for difficulty modes of all shapes and sizes, especially if it allows anyone regardless of their skill level or ability to enjoy a game. It matters not if a person plays through on the hardest mode or the easiest, as long as they're having fun I'm not going to be the one to try and tell them otherwise.

Yet there are some titles that use the extra bump in difficulty to add in new features, new AI routines, and of course a tonne of extra gameplay twists, and so sometimes, as rubbish as it is to say, there are some video games that truly shine the harder they get!

So let's get the gloves on and start slogging our way through these ultra-tough and ultra rewarding titles!

7. Resident Evil 7 - Madhouse

DMC Devil May Cry Dante

Going into Resident Evil 7 for the first time truly was a special experience. Everything felt both familiar and new at the same time thanks to the radical departure from tank controls and over the shoulder shooting to up close and personal first-person horror.

As you moved from creepy location to creepy location, avoiding the Mold and the Baker family in all their terrifying forms, it felt like Resident Evil was evolving right in front of your eyes, especially in VR where it was actually impossible to look away from the gore and viscera.

And it seems that evolution was key to RE7's core message as when the player completes their first run of the game and unlocks "Madhouse Mode" things aren't quite what they first seem. To those expecting enemies with jumped-up health pools and fewer resources, they got a rather chilling surprise when it turned out that Madhouse Mode also altered enemy spawn points as well as changed puzzles and key item locations.

In addition, Jack could spawn in more places meaning that any safe havens you relied on previously were now out of commission. As a result, Madhouse Mode was both a test of your skills and a revitalizing fresh experience that upped the horror and provided better pacing than the original in some key areas!


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