7 Ways To Bring Anthem Back From The Dead

Anthem, EA and Bioware's attempt at a shared world experience, is in a bad way, but not dead yet.


It is fair to say that this console cycle hasn't been kind to Bioware.

The studio's tentpole outings, Mass Effect: Andromeda and Anthem, have been received with less astounding praise or critical ire, and more shrugged shoulders and general apathy.

With EA already pulling the plug on any future Mass Effect: Andromeda content, it could be easy for the industry giant to do the same on Anthem. But that would be a mistake.

Anthem has the foundations in place to be a great game. It is visually stunning and has an excellent gameplay loop. Like Destiny before it, the team behind Anthem have the time and the money to turn expectations around.

With some TLC, Anthem could rise from its mediocre ashes to flourish in the same ways that the aforementioned Destiny, The Division and Rainbow Six: Siege have.


7. UI And Home Hub Improvements

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There have been steady improvements to the UI throughout Anthem's first year, but the simple task of navigating the menus is still awfully taxing. Missions and objectives should be slick, accessible and easy to understand.

You shouldn't have to scroll through menu upon sub-menu to ascertain the information you need. Making this and inventory management cleaner are the little differences that make a game more replayable.

On top of this, navigating Fort Tarsis is arduous. The first person perspective feels jarring when coming from the dynamic third-person action and our freelancer moves at an infuriating rate.

Shifting the perspective to third-person and having quicker movement will allow players to explore the Fort with more freedom and focus on getting back to the much better gameplay.

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