7 WB Games Rocksteady Could Make Next (Since It's Not Harry Potter)

The Boy Wizard is out, so how about a Prince instead?

Wonder Woman Rocksteady

The nerds of the gaming world (let's face it, that's all of us) had their hearts set a flutter by the leaked Harry Potter RPG footage, and initially, speculation arose that this was the work of Rocksteady, the developers behind the Batman Arkham series.

This has since been debunked by insiders, with some now suggesting it may the newest project of Avalanche, the studio behind the recently cancelled Disney Infinity, because of the cartoonish style both Disney Infinity and the leaked footage seemed to share. The thought of Rocksteady being behind the wheel raised some interesting questions though.

Since they're not doing Harry Potter or following up Arkham Knight with a sequel, what exactly are they going to do next?

Rocksteady are still working with Warner Bros following their successful relationship developing Batman, which is what fuelled the Harry Potter rumours in the first place. With the extensive Warner Brothers catalogue to explore, there's plenty more they could do, far away from Gotham.

7. Suicide Squad

Wonder Woman Rocksteady
DC Comics

Warner Bros Montreal, developer of Arkham Origins, were initially slated to follow up with a Suicide Squad game, picking up where that game left off.

Said to be focussed on recruitment to the squad, two years of shaky development and so-so reception to the movie left the project shelved. While Origins doesn't deserve all the hate it gets, it's without a doubt the weakest of the Arkham series - not even making the Return To Arkham bundle released before the conclusion of the trilogy.

So, could Rocksteady succeed where WB Montreal failed?

The game could follow Deathstroke in an Origins followup as was first intended, but with the character not making the cut for the movie, perhaps the more iconic Harley Quinn would be a better fit. She was already included as DLC for Arkham Knight and could offer a solid protagonist for the rough-and-tumble style we've become accustomed to.

Add to the mix shooter mechanics for Deadshot, Katana's swordplay and El Diablo's fire breathing built on cooldown system, and the game could easily fix the missteps of the 2016 movie.

After four games of being pounded on by the Bat, isn't it time the baddies got revenge?


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