8 AGGRESSIVE NPCs Who Wouldn't Leave You ALONE

OMG just let me play the game!

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NPCs are part of just about every video game you’ve ever played - whether digital assist characters intended to shepherd you along the story path, or antagonistic meat-sacks destined to face your brutal wrath.

NPCs can be many things, but they should probably never be annoying, especially if they’re going to be sticking around and hanging out for the long haul.

These eight games evidently didn’t get the memo, then, because each foisted unbearably obnoxious and groan-worthy non-player characters upon us all - most of them actually intended to help us out, believe it or not.

If competitive pestering were a thing, these NPCs would absolutely be in the running, from sickeningly sycophant fanboy followers to imperiled imbeciles hell-bent on wasting your time, soul-draining chatterboxes, and a certain bowling-obsessed cousin (if you know, you know).

Each of them made an art out of getting in your face and sucking up your mental vitality like an energy vampire, enough that you’d do just about anything to get away from them - even turning the damn game off.

No matter how irksome an NPC might be, just be glad they’re not like this lot…

8. Adoring Fan - The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

legend of zelda skyward sword fi

Those who become Grand Champion in Oblivion's Arena will be, er, "rewarded" with the presence of an NPC known only as the "Adoring Fan" - which isn't just a clever name.

He's quite literally a fanboy who, if you entertain his nonsense for more than a moment, will follow you around and desperately try to inflate your ego with irritating flattery and offers of backrubs - a gambit that gets old fast.

You can't even call the perky, creepily smiley twerp useful in combat given that he'll run and hide at the first sign of trouble. 

And even in the event that he's killed, like Jesus Christ himself he'll be resurrected three in-game days later to pester you some more.

The guy literally won't piss off even in death, such that many Oblivion players have simply resorted to finding the most creative and hilariously unhinged ways to get him killed - like, best of all, tricking him into running off a cliff.


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