8 Amazing Soundtrack Moments In Video Games

These songs in games will forever be tugging on our collective heartstrings.

Halo 3 Ending Warthog

Whilst you might not always think about it, the soundtrack of a game plays a key role in determining the mood of what you're playing.

They can't be too intrusive or they'll overpower how you're feeling, and likewise if the music is underwhelming, it won't add much to the action. In some perfect moments, that balance is struck effortlessly and the track comes to be far more memorable than the actual game we find ourselves playing.

It doesn't have to be the most impressive or grand piece to stand out, but sometimes games just know exactly what they are doing when they score their stand-out moments, and these following eight tracks all illustrate how sometimes game composers are just pure geniuses, whether creating their own songs or putting some classic tracks to best use.

8. The DK Rap - Donkey Kong 64

Don't let this first entry put you off. The DK Rap is amazing precisely because of how bizarre a decision it was to make. It's truly a product of the "attitude" era coming to a close going into the 2000s, for it's a bit of a joke entry. Where some of the later entries are defining moments, the DK Rap is in a whole class of its own.

The DK Rap deserves its place on the soundtrack list for being an extremely campy introduction to all six members of the Kong squad that you’ll be taking control of as you leap around this excellent Nintendo 64 platforming adventure from the industry legends that were Rare.

Above all else, the DK Rap is an essential part of gaming culture nowadays. The lyrics might be dreadfully rhymed, the delivery exudes a man doing his best to try and sound cool, and composer for the game Grant Kirkhope might well cringe at the mere mention of the song, but we should all bear the memory of the DK Rap together.

After all, if we remember it, we'll never get another video game rap, right?

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