8 Amazing Video Game Sequels Not Made By The Original Developers

Just because you weren't first doesn't mean you can't be the best.

batman arkham origins
Warner Bros.

As everyone is aware, a smash-hit video game can put a company on the map and earn them a place in the hearts of players everywhere.

Even better, if it was a monster of a release, then it might even afford a dev team the luxury of coasting on a licence for years. Sometimes even decades. Hell if it was a truly exceptional title - one of those one-in-a-million games - it might even spawn a whole new way of playing games, carving itself onto the literal face of the industry for all to see.

Almost every development team hopes and dreams of this becoming a reality, and can result in them slaving away for years to perfect their ideas.

So, just imagine how much of a punch in the gut it must be to see licences shift hands and another bunch of creatives release a title under your old franchise name, only for that to score the one-in-a-million hit.

Those are the kind of games that are the focus of this list; the kind that are absolutely great in their own right - arguably the best of their respective franchises - but they came once the baton was handed to an entirely new team. One who rewrote the script and crafted something better than those who set everything in motion in the first place.


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