8 Amazing Video Game Weapons Dropped In Sequels

The World's Greatest Detective lost his gloves.

Batman Shock Gloves
Warner Bros.

As we all know, sometimes a video game hero is only as good as the weapons at their disposal, as all that bluff and bluster isn't going to mean much if you're taking on The Devil himself with naught but a spoon (and not the super-powered over-smithed spoons from Skyrim).

Therefore it's in a developer's best interest to kit out the player with tools and equipment to help them save the day as best they can.

And while it's rare for games to dole out their best kit in the early hours, come the close of a game you'll likely be carrying with you enough guns and explosives that even Neo from the Matrix would say "Woah"

Yet with the ever-present shadow of video game sequels being cast on the experience, sometimes devs have to take our favorite toys away for us to earn them all over again.

In some rare cases, they'll even scrap the weapon entirely meaning you've got fewer options overall.

8. Battlefield 2042 - Ace 23 And Many, Many More

Batman Shock Gloves

As of the time of writing, the latest entry into the established and much-loved Battlefield is not faring as well as the devs, nor publisher EA would have hoped.

With big changes to the overall formula, fans are rightly pointing out that Battlefield 2042 seems to be chasing trends rather than setting them, and providing a rather anemic shooter experience as it goes.

And the less said about the myriad of bugs the better.

Yet one facet that has truly caught flak for the title has been its weapons, or more specifically the lack thereof, with the game only presenting a meager armory of 22 items. When you consider that Battlefield 4 launched with over 70 death-dealing weapons and support items, this smacks of a title just holding onto the best guns until it can find a way to charge you for them.

Fans expecting to wield the likes of the Ace 23 from Battlefield 4 will be sorely disappointed as not only is this gun absent (excusable because of the time shift between titles) but its closest cousin the AC-42 is utterly useless by comparison, offering less accuracy, more recoil, and lower damage. Cheers.


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