8 Amazing Video Game Weapons That Killed YOU

Handle with care.

Resident Evil 5 Egg

As with any real life weapon, the pokers, slashers, and unholy prodders you can find in video games should always be handled with care, as while you might be carrying enough firepower to turn a mountain into swiss cheese, you might want to make sure you're not accidentally in the blast radius.

It happens more than we'd care to admit, where our itchy trigger finger or a horrendous drawback we didn't foresee makes us hit the deck before our enemy does.

But you know what? That doesn't stop the weapon in question from being truly and utterly awesome.

Sure we're six feet deep and checking into that big hotel in the sky, but man talk about going out with a bang!

We'll just remember that next time we even want to grace the big "death ray" button, that we're more prepared, and standing a country mile away next time.

8. Soul Edge - Soul Calibur Franchise

Resident Evil 5 Egg

Ah The Soul Edge, weapon of legend, power, and ultimate disaster for those that come against it. The tales of this mystical weapon stretch to the far corners of the world, drawing in those who would look to wield its almighty power as well as those looking to destroy it in equal measure.

Plus it looks like a big angry middle finger was crossed with William Birkin from Resident Evil so that's always a plus.

However, I do think that this almighty weapon should come with a user instruction manual, as I'm pretty sure that at some point every player who's picked up this oversized letter opener fell prey to one of its more nasty attributes. You see, even though the weapon provides enough offense to level a city block, it comes at the cost of a constant stamina drain, and in any fighting game this is never a good thing.

From dying to opponents exploiting the drain and hitting you for constant chip damage, to dodging back and letting you quite literally fall on your own sword, The Soul Edge really can be as big a Nightmare as its previous wielder. Still when it hits, ooooo baby does it clatter that brain matter out the other side of your opponent's head.


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