8 Awesome Video Games That Prove Less Is More

Amongst waves of explosions and high-octane thrills, it's nice to have so many titles that are awesome without the pyrotechnics.

We have now reached the next generation of gaming with the release of the Xbox One and the PS4, giving titles a new level of realism that has never been seen before. Accompany this with a nation of gradually-reduced attention spans and instant gratification junkies, and the most plausible outcome is an orgy of high octane, shoot €˜em up, beat €˜em up, blow €˜em up titles where the most sophisticated piece of plot-twisting dialogue borders upon €œWhere€™s my wife!?€ It€™s in times like these when we should give credence to that old saying that less is more. You don€™t need constant explosions, collateral damage and protagonists who look like a gigantic bicep to make a game great; sometimes it€™s the simple games themselves that hold our attention and are the most memorable - whether it be in visual style, gameplay, narrative or thematics. The best trick that these titles pull off is their ability to make players forget how simple they are; to have them be so absorbed in the game that upon completion they look back and think to themselves €œI can€™t believe I€™ve spend a day playing a game with two buttons€. From mainstream titles to indie classics, here€™s 8 games that prove less is more.
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