8 Back-Breaking Video Game DLC Bosses

Paying for pain.

sekiro inner genichiro

To many the very concept of downloadable content is like a body blow that knocks the wind out of them, let alone the catastrophic KO it can perform on your bank balance.

While the idea has, unfortunately, been normalized by publishers across the globe, the idea of paying to unlock characters, weapons, and sometimes entire features or modes is one that will turn any gamer's stomach over the age of 30.

What was once a reward for hard work, perseverance or just sheer pig-headed devotion to a game is now something that anyone can access if they've got enough coin. This in turn has caused the balance of some titles to be tipped in favor of those that can "pay to win" and straight up excludes those not able to fork up the dough from experiences in games that they may love to their core.

Then come the following expansions and DLC that are more than happy to take your hard-earned moolah and deliver you a solid slap to the plums as thanks, because the games we're about to detail today contain some of the hardest, most challenging and downright gruelling boss battles this side of asking your tight-fisted employer for a raise during this cost of living crisis.

so let's buckle up and prepare for the rather strange experience of paying to have your teeth punched right down your throat.

8. The Assassin - XCOM 2: War Of The Chosen

sekiro inner genichiro

So let's get the record straight right off the bat, when it comes to delivering a well-thought-out, lovingly crafted and fundamentally challenging expansion, XCOM 2's War Of The Chosen is right up there as some of the best DLC that money can quite literally buy. It's an astoundingly deep addition, providing the player with new units, new powers, and of course new enemies which take the form of three uber-bosses The Hunter, The Warlock, and the Assassin.

However, let's also make clear from the jump another salient point. f**k the Assassin right in the exhaust port because fighting against her feels like trying to pass razor blades through my tear ducts as it's reducing me to bloody tears.

Seriously, fighting against the Assassin feels like the devs looked at the XCOM difficulty memes floating about the internet and felt pressured to one-up them, as here you'll find your well-orchestrated plans ruined in moments by this shimmering shade arriving in your back lines and dazing, binding and kidnapping your team.

Plus with skills like Shadowstep, she can completely remove your ability to counterattack, and with the Planewalker ability, she can teleport about the map each time she's hit making it impossible to focus fire her off the board.

And remember, she's not alone, so you have to deal with all the ADVENT units on top of potentially being one-shotted by her melee attack that, I forgot to mention, never ever misses. COOL.


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