8 Best Boss Fights From Batman's Arkham Series

1. Mr. Freeze - Batman Arkham City

You didn't think I'd miss this one out did you? Taking down Mr Freeze is possibly the most creative and thrilling boss confrontation that I have ever played. To anyone who found this confrontation too quick or too easy, I implore you to attempt it on Hard or New Game plus where Freeze takes far more hits to be defeated. The Predator Mode has always been a great selling point of the Arkham series and it is brilliantly portrayed here. Mr Freeze is no pushover and learns from his mistakes, unlike with the usual armed thugs the same takedown cannot be used more than once on Freeze. The confrontation forces the player to use a number of different takedowns and pay close attention to Freeze's movements, thus the enemy AI here feels far more developed as it adapts to the player's strategies. In a sense this is the ultimate predator challenge as tactics have to be continually altered, there are no gargoyles or vantage points and Freeze can dispose of you if you're caught. On the New Game plus mode this becomes a tense encounter near the end as you burn out nearly all your options before finally finding the one that finishes Freeze off. This is why it takes the number 1 space on the list, it was inventive and challenging but not to the point of frustration. All these amazing boss confrontations in an amazing franchise give me hope that not only we will see some great games in the future but also some great video game boss confrontations to accompany them. Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Was there a boss you felt I missed out? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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