8 Best 'Meet The Real Villain' Moments In Gaming History

There's always someone at the top.

judgment hanura

Yes, video game heroes are memorable - are emblazoned across t-shirts and even the skin of hardcore fans - but there's something so enjoyable about a good video game villain.

The Machiavellian plans, the insane "Enslave the world!" scope of whatever they're up to - or just the fact you need a punching bag with a face to oppose you, if you're making an enjoyable action game.

Regardless, for the most part you know who or what you're up against in the opening moments, if not the opening third act. It's a rarity to actually hold that back.

Special are the games then - and the stories that can pull this off - who hold their "Big Bads" back until the closing few scenes.

Revealing who's really been pulling the strings as plot elements wrap up is a masterful card to play - something that can scupper the present threat and previous hours invested, or elevate the story tenfold.

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