8 Bold Predictions For PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch In 2018

Microsoft are leaving the console race.

Xbox One

2017 was a pivotal year in every possible respect - but for the games industry, it showed us just how much the power dynamic of competition can change on a dime. Within just that 12 month window we saw the former "big two" of Sony and Microsoft get upended by some monumentally strong marketing and product design from Nintendo; the Switch hitting the ground sprinting, with a pace that hasn't let up to this day.

The ramifications for Sony were like a light breeze brushing against their hulking mass, way out in first place, but Microsoft? They almost fell off the face of the Earth.

With every major first-party title cancelled and not one homegrown exclusive to call their own for the launch of a new system, the Xbox One X - otherwise known as "the world's most powerful console" - was forced to show off its capabilities with PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, also known as: A game in early access that crashes about as many times as it boots up.

As the year ended, all three major players were in demonstrably different places to that of the beginning, and now with 2018 underway, it's anybody's guess what happens from here.

Or is it?

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