8 Broken Video Game Areas You Weren’t Supposed To Access

Sometimes, breaking a game is a lot more fun than playing it.

legend of zelda cadence of hyrule

Sometimes, developers like to leave little hidden secrets for gamers to access, should they feel compelled to explore the deepest depths of a game's content.

These little secrets can range from a cute little easter egg, to a hidden unlockable weapon, or maybe even an entire secret map or area that otherwise couldn't be found by normal means.

These entries, however... were definitely not supposed to be found.

Some exist because of programming errors that cause the game to act irrationally, or were instead tucked away in the game's files with no intention of ever being accessed through legitimate means.

Some of these areas are dangerous to visit, either soft locking your game or worse, deleting your save files entirely. For the most part, they're just silly oversights some developers forgot to remove from the game before launch. Some have even been patched out of existence already, only existing in pre-patch builds of games.

If you fancy replicating some of these exploits for yourself, keep in mind that all of these bugs were never meant to be found, so the methods used to find them usually involve using other exploits beforehand.

Explore at your own risk! But hey, it wouldn't be interesting if there wasn't at least a little danger involved, right?

8. Resident Evil 4's Shotgun Glitch

Resident Evil 4 is no stranger to bugs, exploits, and glitches - no doubt as a result of its extreme popularity in the speedrunning community. If it can shave 0.2 seconds off a run, you better believe people will go out of their way to abuse it.

One particular trick allows players to clip through a very specific wall just before one of the El Gigante boss fights in Resident Evil 4, using a popular speedrunning trick that allows the player to move at 1.5x walking speed.

The player can then clip through a wall next to the merchant and loot an entire slew of items, from ammo to herbs and even a shotgun that isn't featured anywhere else in the game. The items presumably belong to the merchant, and transfer into your inventory should you purchase them from him - but why bother when they're free?

Supposedly this bug only works on European and American versions of the game, but attempting to equip the unique shotgun on any version of the game EXCEPT the remastered version can lead to softlocks and possibly save data erasure. Don't say you weren't warned!


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