8 Cancelled Video Games That Could Still Be Saved

Is Scalebound returning as a Nintendo Switch exclusive?!

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Nothing quite stings like a video game cancellation. The way the gaming hype train works is that projects are announced way before they're really ready to be shown off, and sold on their promise, which can make things difficult if they're not shaping up internally and need to be knocked on the head.

However, it's very rare for an announced video game to never see the light of day completely. Sure, there have been plenty of high-profile cancellations throughout the years that players have been sad to see go, but if history is anything to go by, these troubled productions often do see the light of day.

Sure, they might not end up being the exact same game that was originally announced, or they may be more of a spiritual successor to a canned project than a straight revival, but with enough support and enough of a push from a publisher, anything can happen.

Consequently, while all of the games on this list are either officially cancelled or languishing in development hell with no sign of escape, all hope is not lost. Throw in some rumours about other companies being interested and intriguing comments from developers and, fingers crossed anyway, these games could likely be saved at some point down the line.

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