8 Co-Op Video Games That Let You Be An Utter D*ck!

With friends like these....

Portal 2 co-op

There's nothing better than gathering a group of your whooping and hollering ape-like mates, ordering in a takeaway, and whiling away the night with a series of competitive video games. The insults, banter (and some tears if STEVE DOESN'T STOP PICKING TEKKEN 3'S EDDY ALL THE BLOODY TIME) will flow thick and fast, and by the end of things, wins, losses, humiliating defeats and total victories will mean little as it's all been in good nature.

However, if you were to replace the video games in question with CO-OP ones, this story might play out a little differently, as here you're forced to work together for the sake of the greater good, and it now tinges any defeat and mistake with negativity. Now no one is laughing at failing a run, and instead, the insults are getting that little bit too personal for comfort, the takeaway has made you bloated and sleepy and instead of a food coma sugar rush of battling and cajoling, you're now bleary-eyed and frustrated when your mates can't press a button at the same time to progress.

Teamwork it seems does not always make the dream work, as these co-op experiences were made nightmarish thanks to you or your friends being utter dicks to each other.

8. Portal 2

Portal 2 co-op

Of course, this game had to be on here. When the stakes are so incredibly high and where one wrong button press could see your friend plummet to their death, of course you're going to mess up eventually.

Yet Portal 2 does something that a lot of other titles on this list refrain from, in that it REWARDS you for being a dick to your robotic pal, doling out achievements, funny moments, or other little secrets for screwing with them. After a while, you become so distrustful of the other player you might even refuse to walk across their beam bridge, and dialogue usually boiled down to:

"You're just going to move the portal as soon as I step on this"

"I won't"

"You totally will"

"I swear on my life I won't"

"You... totally will though"

"I swear on my nan's dog's life I will not move this"



"You're such a dick"

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