8 CRAZY New Features In WWE 2K19

5. A Brutal 8-Bit Filter

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Well, this is disappointing.

Including an 8-bit mode was a good idea that, in theory, would allow gamers to enjoy a retro experience without sacrificing gameplay. It's hard to imagine most players utilising a fully-realised version more than a handful of times, but bells and whistles like this are usually good for a laugh or two, even if they aren't likely to shift many copies of the game on their own.

Unfortunately, 2K19's looks absolutely ghastly, reducing the game to a grotesque mess of pixel vomit summoned from the bowels of Bastion Booger, then discharged all over your screen. What has been presented to us thus far simply doesn't work, and we can only hope this isn't representative of the final product.

The 8-bit filter is, of course, entirely optional, and nobody's gonna hold a gun to your head and order you to use it. Still, that doesn't forgive how repulsive this thing looks. How they made it even worse than 2K18's p*ss-poor implementation is anyone's guess...

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