8 CRAZY New Features In WWE 2K20

Exploring the must-see new features of 2K Games' latest WWE release.

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Ahead of WWE 2K20’s October 22nd release, many wrestling fans are hoping for something truly spectacular from the long-standing video game franchise.

Of course, so often gamers are teased with the greatest wrestling game in the history of wrestling video games, only to ultimately be left disappointed at a release that’s merely a tweaked shell of last year’s offering. But still, there’s genuine anticipation that WWE 2K20 really is going to deliver something special. As well as a ginormous roster of stars both old and new, key to that optimism and excitement, naturally, is the prospect of some fan-pleasing new additions.

Looking to fix the issues of previous releases and flesh out shiny new features, WWE 2K20 has a host of new elements that may well go some way to making this an iconic wrestling video game that will be held on the same pedestal as legendary favourites such as WWF No Mercy and WWE SmackDown: Here Comes the Pain.

Join us, then, as we take a closer look at the new features that 2K Games are hoping will help to make WWE 2K20 an all-time great wrestling video game.

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