8 Dead EA Video Game Franchises That Deserve A Comeback

EA's sitting on a GOLDMINE of untapped potential.


It's one of the many wonders of the world how EA continues to be the successful mega-publisher it is today. Ranging from distasteful (putting it mildly) monetisation methods to its infamous track record for putting the shutters on beloved studios like Visceral and Pandemic, hardly a month passes by without its PR department having to do damage control and explain why X game series failed to be successful and why we won't see it again for Y (read: a very long) amount of time.

Mistakes will be made, of course, and success is never guaranteed, but EA continues to sit on an ever-growing mountain of back catalogue titles that, despite their past successes, continue to be neglected like a public urinal due to one or a series of failures. Often, those have been a result of EA's own poor decisions - Dungeon Keeper Mobile's insulting freemium model and total ignorance of Command & Conquer's fan base, to name but two - but even success stories like Burnout and DICE's spin-off Battlefield series, Bad Company, go without sequels years after their last iteration dropped.

Management of a megacorporation goes beyond the expertise of this writer, but it's tough to see how if done with the proper love and respect, bringing back any of these wouldn't work in EA's favour, earning it some serious brownie points in the process.

We've waited long enough.

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