8 Evil Video Game Choices That Came Back To Haunt You

Maybe don't shoot the dog??

call of duty modern warfare dog
Infinity Ward

When it comes to making life choices, it's often best to sit and plan before taking action, as while short-term benefits might be immediately apparent, long-term detriments might spring up as a result.

It's something we should all try and practice whatever the situation, as considering your own wellbeing and that of others really does take some thought.

Still, when it comes to video games, the concept of choice and forethought is a little different, as here the ability to remove oneself and act without physical repercussions can lead some players to act in mean and selfish ways, leading them to the dreaded "evil playthrough"

In these playthroughs, we can act like total rotters and sometimes even be rewarded for our despicable actions! Yet the games on this list try to approach things in a different manner, by limited, inhibiting, or downright punishing those who break the rules and do so in weird and wonderful ways.

Sometimes you might not even witness the repercussions for your actions until the end of the game and only feel the specter of judgment hanging over you.

8. Pushing Hinox Too Far - The Legend Of Zelda: Link Between Worlds

call of duty modern warfare dog

It's quite strange that a series as universally charming as The Legend Of Zelda contains so many examples of Link being an utter dickbag to his fellow man and getting his ass handed to him as a result.

From stealing goods and being branded as a THIEF in Link's Awakening, to being pecked to death by a mob of chickens for harassing them in countless titles, it really does seem that Nintendo tries and curb stomp players who act like cheeky little whippets.

However one of the less spoken about examples of our Hero of Time being far from heroic is found in the outstanding Link Between Worlds 3DS title, where Link can stumble, and by stumble I mean blow the bloody doors off, a secret cave containing a Hinox who is just trying to hide away from all the action and chaos outside.

The creature pleads with Link to leave, and even offers to sweeten the deal by offering up some Rupees in exchange for being left in peace. However, this can become a moment of true dickery when it becomes clear that you can extort more and more money from the beast by denying its offers.

The amount you can get is random but can see the player walk away with one Red, one Purple, and two Silver Rupees if you're lucky! Yet this luck suddenly runs out if you push Hinox further because it'll become enraged at your greed and proceed to turn hostile, boasting an impressive damage output that might see your extortion racket end pretty bloody quickly.


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