8 EXACT Moments Video Games Lost The Plot

Seriously... WHAT.

Death stranding
Kojima Productions

When it comes to creating a video game, there's a substantial amount of pressure to deliver two things:

A hefty amount of content to justify an even heftier price tag, and for a narrative to keep players engaged from start to finish.

As you can already see, sometimes these two ideas don't quite fit nicely together, and we often see arcs stretched out to agonising lengths in order to pad game time or end abruptly because it doesn't fit with the next action sequence that the devs have planned out.

As such players can sometimes be left completely adrift, searching for answers that the title is in no rush to answer, or presenting them with moments so utterly left field they have no idea what's going on!

Whether it's burying content in collectibles, hitting the player with confusing moments, or just stories playing out with no rhyme or reason due to the creators not having a clue themselves, video games can turn from being immersive experiences to something you'll need a PhD and a treasure map to solve.


Note: Spoilers within.

7. Darth Vader Turns Into A Scorpion - Star Wars (NES)

Death stranding

When it comes to Star Wars, I think you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn't know the general plot of the original movie. Even if they were fuzzy on why mop-top and his metal pals were teaming up with a walking carpet and Indiana Jones, they'd still know all about the big bad of the piece, Darth Vader.

This hulking pillar of burned bacon is the epitome of evil; clad head to toe in black and with a menacing presence. It's tough to say which had a bigger impact, his skills with a lightsaber or his sheer domination of every scene he was in.

Therefore it was quite a surprise to find out that underneath all of this armor wasn't a man filled to the brim with hate, but a... scorpion?!

Yeah. I don't think that was in the original script.

It is however in the NES version of Star Wars, wherein after Luke confronts Darth Vader in a Sandcrawler early on in the game, he turns into a scorpion abomination.

I know that some games take creative liberties with things when it comes to adaptations, but this? This truly expressed that the devs understanding of the source material was far, far away.


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