8 Exact Moments We Knew Video Game Characters Were Doomed To Die

Knowing what was coming didn't make it any easier.

Red Dead Redemption 2

For as much as we love video game stories and get wrapped up in them, the writing often is far from subtle. With major reveals or plot twists telegraphed sometimes hours in advance, it can often lead to narratives that follow a predictable trajectory, and fans getting clued in on details earlier than anticipated. In a lot of cases, this often revolves around the fates of specific characters.

That doesn't mean the stories are badly written though, and just because players might figure out where something is going, that doesn't always take away from the impact of the moment when it arrives.

Even better, some developers actually use the feeling of inevitability that comes with knowing what's got to happen next to their advantage. It takes skill to suggest a character is going to bite the dust, and then build towards that moment anyway, having the player second guess themselves and dread the scene where they'll know for sure.

Either way, all the following games had incredibly moving death scenes, and these were the specific moments we knew these characters had to die.

Spoilers ahead.


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