8 Games You Won't Believe Are Hidden In Other Games

They put a game inside your game, so you can play while you play...

http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x23j20l_8-games-you-won-t-believe-are-hidden-in-other-games_videogames Developing a game is a huge undertaking, it can cost millions and take years. There are rigorous schedules, hellish deadlines and strict approval windows to meet. In the end, if you manage to clear the assault course of development - after all the blood, sweat and tears - your efforts will either be critically acclaimed, universally panned or you may meet the dreaded 'meh...' as you trawl the internet taking stock of public opinion. So with all this time being occupied by actually making the game, its a wonder developers get time to even drop little Easter-Eggs into the mix. But what we have here far surpasses the standard Easter-Egg and moves into the realms of insanity. This video looks at 8 games that actually have entire other games hidden inside of them. How did these guys have so much time on their hands? It's some pretty serious Inception business; a game within a game, sometimes multiple, and how some of these were even discovered is a miracle in and of itself.

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