8 Genius Ways Video Games Don't Let You Escape

Follow the rules... or else.

crysis Shark attack

In the vast majority of video games, when you try to leave the open world or go outside the area the developers have created, one of two things happen: Either you hit an invisible wall, or you die instantly, but that doesn’t always have to be the case.

Some developers scoff at the idea of doing something as uninspired and lazy as just blatantly restricting the player from doing what they want; the whole point of playing games is giving freedom to the player, after all. So, they came up with creative solutions to make sure you never get out.

Sometimes a terrifying monstrosity will immediately end your life; other times, the implemented invisible wall is more clever than expected, and rarely, the developers come up with something genuinely ingenious, making it so you don't even realize the world is limited.

Regardless of how they did it, it’s impossible to admit that these innovative implementations aren’t clever and shows that not everything has to be as plain and generic as a static invisible wall.

8. A Mime - Family Guy Video Game!

crysis Shark attack

During the early 2000s and the Playstation 2 era of video games, an abundance of licensed games overflowed the industry. Whether it was a movie, cartoon, or anime, all major IPs were getting a mediocre game or two; among them was Family Guy Video Game!

This game is just what you expect it to be; it’s nothing more or less.

The combat is generic, the stealth missions are broken, and while some of the jokes are funny, most of them fail to capture the cartoon's humor. With all of this said, while most of the game lacks quality, it does have a pretty clever way of keeping you in it.

If you try to exit the game's central area during its beat-em-up section, you’ll hit an invisible wall, but not just any wall, one created by a mime. When you reach this point, Peter Griffin performs one of his iconic quips as you can’t help but laugh at the sheer cleverness and humor the game implemented.

Family Guy Video Game! might not be anything special, but the developers were able to genuinely capture the cartoon's humor at this moment.

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