8 Gritty Reworks Of Video Game Characters That Fell Flat

Dark and brooding doesn't necessarily translate to something better.


It goes without saying that Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy reshaped more than just the world's most beloved superhero.

Each of the films in the trilogy were grounded in realism, showcasing harsh subject matter such as fear, alongside a psychological character study of protagonist, Bruce Wayne. This, in conjunction with near-perfect storytelling, showcased how reimagining a character that had roots in comical absurdness (sorry, Adam West and company) can achieve reverence in fans and critics alike.

Unfortunately, an edgy reconceptualization of an established character doesn't always bear fruit.

Although it worked for Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, just take a look at how the first slate of DCEU films were widely criticized. Man of Steel specifically was infamous for dividing fans. Can you imagine Christopher Reeve's Superman violently snapping Terrence Stamp's neck in the charming backdrop of the original films?

The same sentiment of grittiness not always working can be applied to established video game characters, too. What made these characters so beloved by fans were unique traits like their magnetic charisma.

Ergo, rethinking these games and characters into something more hard-hitting doesn't automatically spell a favourable outcome.

If it's not broke, in the context of some video games, then don't fix it. Sadly, for these popular characters, they became just as dull as they did gritty.


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