8 Hardest Gears Of Wars Bosses

They test the patience of even the most devoted of players.


Since 2006, the Gears of War franchise has been going strong, remaining one of the jewels in the Xbox crown not called Halo. With five numbered entries in the main series, and a spin-off to boot, the franchise has recently diversified from its humble third person shooter roots with both the turn based strategy game Gears Tactics, and the RTS mobile game, Gears Pop!

There are many hallmarks that make up a Gears game: the gruff Marcus Fenix and Delta Squad, the iconic Lancer, tight corridor fights, and of course boss battles. Throughout the series, there are loads of high intensity battles Marcus and Delta Squad have to frag their way through, fighting tooth and meatshield to come out the other side unscathed.

It's par for the course when you're trying to save Serra and its people. But when the big bad boss rolls around, the difficulty can be... challenging, especially when you made the mistake of thinking you're a badass grub killer and selected Insane difficulty.

So let's take a journey through eight of the hardest boss battles of the Gears of War franchise when played on Insane. Props to one and all who beat every one of them.

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