8 Hilarious Moments In Truly Disturbing Video Games

Horrible... but hilarious.

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So the last time I checked my oversized metaphorical watch, horror video games, and those that sit in adjacent moody and broody genres tend not to trade on comedy.

After all the last thing such titles would want is to make people laugh instead of scream in terror or clutch their controllers in feverish anticipation.

Yet as many of us know, the line between horror and comedy is a fine one, and what one person might wake up in a cold sweat from may leave another drenched in tears of laughter. It's all subjective.

Therefore it's quite common to find examples of video games that bungled their dark and terrifying moments thanks to rogue programming, ham-fisted acting or just a lack of direction and left the player clutching their sides rather than fearing them being split open.

So let's take a look at some intentional and some far less intentional moments of gaming where the pain was traded for puns and terror for titters.

8. Mr X. Can't Fit Through Doors - Resident Evil 2 Remake

outlast game

When it comes to Resident Evil, the supposed horror series is absolutely littered with banterous moments. From that INCREDIBLE (and by that I mean absolutely dog !*$%) musical score that hits you upon entering the basement kitchen in Resident Evil 1’s Dualshock Directors cut edition, to a moment that jumped the shark so badly it literally redefined the term to “punching the boulder”, this is a series that delivers horror and hilarity in equal measure.

However one of the most unintentionally funny moments came from the otherwise outstanding Resident Evil 2 Remake, and more specifically the normally trouser browning enemy Mr. X. In about 90% of his appearances, Mr. X is handled perfectly, showcasing an unstoppable wall of beef that will knock seven bells out of you in short order. His stomping feet match the pace of your heart as he hunts you relentlessly throughout the experience, making for an enemy that can be genuinely terrifying in places.

I say "can be" however because sometimes he's a little too polite for his own good.

When the player reaches a safe room or an area containing a puzzle that requires some peace and time to think things through, Mr. X actually decides, against all logic to let you just have a moment and will patiently wait outside for you or storm off in a huff. It's hilarious to look at this paper mache-faced monster consider charging in after you then getting cold feet as he realizes that this would just be plain rude.

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