8 Impossible Video Game Difficulty Spikes No One Saw Coming

Miltank the unstoppable.

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When it comes to video games there's nothing quite like that beautiful feeling of catharsis that comes from seeing a title through to its close.

The rush of emotions that come from all of our hard work nearing completion and of all the adventures we've been on is basically like entering a final exam hall with all your friends and teachers cheering you on.

You've got the knowledge, you've got the skills, and thanks to that discount energy drink you just quaffed before entering, you're a ball of nervous energy that is quite literally about to explode, and it only gets better once you're coming out the other side.

Yet sometimes, video games love to throw obstacles in the way to make this journey a little more arduous, and in some cases, chuck utterly ludicrous difficulty spikes at you in a manner that will make you cack your kecks in seconds. You might end up being stuck on these moments for hours, days, weeks, only for the game to ease up immediately after and resume normal service.

Yet their memory lives on.

8. Beaver Bother - Donkey Kong 64

Whitney Pokemon

Donkey Kong 64 is a bloody phenomenal game, isn't it?

From start to finish this collect-a-thon extravaganza is one for the ages, seeing you hoovering up items left right, and center in every area you visit. It's a game that rewards you at every step and even more so for exploring off the beaten path as you're always likely to find something worth your while.

That being said, much like someone adding a dollop of mayonnaise to your hot chocolate, the sweet experience is somewhat ruined by the woefully unfair and insanely infuriating mini-game known as Beaver Bother.

In short, this mini-game can choke on a banana.

In principle, it sounds so simple: chase a load of beavers into a hole in the middle of the room. However, when it comes to actually doing this, the game seems to crack an evil smile and simply refuses to play ball. You will grind your teeth to dust trying to get these accursed creatures into the hole as unless you approach in a pixel-perfect manner, you'll see the wee bastards circling the rim with their dopey faces forevermore.

Luckily it's a moment that can be skipped entirely and indeed many players choose to do so, but for completionists, this is a dam insane challenge that will make you want to bite through the nearest tree.

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