8 Impossible Video Game Hard Modes You Must AVOID

Hardest video game difficulty modes - Devil May Cry, Ninja Gaiden & more!

Devil May Cry

We all like a challenge when it comes to video games. The sense of acheivement one gets from trouncing a particularly difficult boss, or finally seeing the end of a long and brutal campaign is pretty much unequalled as here you're not just beating the game, but also pushing your reactions, decision making and logic skills to their limits.

However some games can go beyond just being hard when you select certain difficulty modes or permutations, and go from being uphill climbs, into trying to reach the summit of Everest just using your teeth aka it's almost impossible and you're going to grind your molars down through the experience.

Thanks to player choice when it comes to self imposed challenges these video games become exercises in unrelenting torture for the common gamer. Enemies that can one-shot you, Bosses with quadruple their normal health, or even worse, scenarios where just one death means a full reset of the game!

So brace yourself for some tales of unmeasurable pixellated pain as this isn't video game escapism as we know it, this is fighting for your life every step of the way.

8. Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD - Hero + Ganondorf Amiibo Mode

Devil May Cry

You might look at the game in question with this entry and feel your chest puff out with pride, as while completing Twilight Princess on Hero Mode is a rough challenge, it's an altogether doable one.

However before you start digging around the attic for a green tunic and your replica Master Sword to declare yourself the true Hero of Time, maybe try going one more round on this mode, but with the Ganondorf Amiibo enabled as well.

For those not in the know, Hero Mode sees enemies in the game deal double the amount of normal damage, and acts as a real test for experienced players by also removing heart drops from the game and even flipping the in-game map to really confuse you.

The Ganondorf Amiibo when used in conjunction with the HD version of Twilight Princess again doubles the amount of damage you receive from enemies, meaning that when taking on this self-imposed challenge you'll be taking FOUR TIMES the amount of pain as you would normally.

As you can imagine this makes even the smallest enemy a huge threat, and in groups, it's easy to be overwhelmed and drowned in a deluge of self-inflicted punishment. Ouch.


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