8 Incredible Video Game Rewards Only EVIL Players Unlocked

Great Items For Bad Players.

Mega Man Legends

As much as I'd like to sit here and tell you that being Good always pays out in the end, it's all too true of our society that those with oily morals tend to shoot up the ladders of success far quicker than the rest of us.

After all, if you're not bothered about little things like common decency and morality, then of course people are going to hire you to shill their shady wares. It seems that not even video games have avoided giving those with souls greyer than their suits a one-up from time to time, as the titles we're going to look at today actively dole out some of the best rewards to absolutely Evil players!

So let's take a look at the time you were given the option to sacrifice your morals and your friends in order to net some sweet rewards!

Oh and just a quick note, dishonorable mention to Fall Guys here, because if you've ever won a crown on that game, you were a truly heartless and cruel bastard in order to get it. I know it and you know it.

8. Cheap Blood Items - Blood Omen: Legacy Of Kain

Mega Man Legends
Eidos Interactive

When you're playing an undead lord of the night with such a penchant for the red stuff flowing through your body that you'd think he had Tomatophagia, you might start to think that Kain from the Legacy Of Kain series may not be the sort of stand up chap you'd invite to a game of bridge with your nan.

And you'd be right as he'd likely throw poor nana off the bridge in a sack filled with angry rats if there was a chance at bettering his own personal situation. Aiming to become the lord of all life and death, Kain's lofty goals see him wield a truly astonishing amount of cruel and unusual weapons, and in order to wield them he has to visit blood shrines in order to upgrade his skills and powers in exchange for his blood.

Now so far, so terrifying right? Well it wasn't long before evil players found a way to cheat these fountains into giving them even more fang for their buck. You see the fountains require a portion of blood to be given in exchange for their power, and will damage Kain if he's "too greedy" however the fountain doesn't specify it has to be his own blood that is dripped into the pool, and as such that follower you've just used mind control on is looking rather like a walking blood bank.

After making a swift deposit, Kain can enjoy all the benefits with none of the drawbacks, making Evil playtrhoughs of the game that much easier.


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