8 Infuriating Video Game Prank Callers

Dial M for Mischief.

Note: The following is an un-edited script, written for the above video on YouTube!

Pranking people in video games is something that brings out the best and worst of people. It encourages scoundrels amongst us to think outside the box to humiliate and fool others, and those on the receiving end will end up with a lasting impression of how trust is a very delicate thing indeed.

Just look at all the fake messages left for players in the likes of Dark Souls as evidence. "Try jumping", is it? Yeah, pile of broken bones at the bottom begs to differ.

However, today we're going to talk about prank callers, of people who for some reason or another just love to wind you up over the phone. So let's dial-a-!*$% (which is a brilliant reference to my series These Things Suck which you can watch here on YouTube) and have some fun as I'm Jules, this is WhatCulture.com and these are 8 Infuriating Video Game Prank Callers.

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