8 Insane Random Events In Video Games You Need To See

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Don't you just love it when video games go that extra mile when it comes to making their adventures feel personalized to the player?

It's a wonderful thing to be roaming across the wilderness and encounter something that feels disconnected to the main narrative, but that's still engaging enough to stop and take a look.

It could be a cry for help from an NPC, the roar of a wild animal, or something so utterly insane, you swear you've tumbled down the rabbit hole and ended up in a completely different game.

Thanks to the power of modern-day tech, and indeed the sheer love and effort of video game developers, more and more titles are starting to sprinkle their experiences with random events in order to make things seem a little less prescribed and a lot more unpredictable, much to the delight of players and indeed their friends when they came to recall the events later.

Just when we thought we had these video games pegged, they went and threw a random event so utterly out there into the mix, we were left reeling. Either from shock or amusement, these incredibly rare events made us feel special just for witnessing them first-hand.

8. Exploding Cows - Fallout 2

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When it comes to franchises packed to the rafters with special and rare encounters, the Fallout series is like a vast cellar, filled with vintage wine. Everywhere you look is another brilliant and well-scripted moment, and thus picking from this selection actually proved to be a very difficult task.

Then I remembered the exploding cows from Fallout 2, and this entry basically wrote itself.

The early Fallout games operate on a tile-based world, with the player moving from grid to grid as they make their way through The Wasteland, point to point. As each tile is loaded in, the game can randomly switch out sections with brand new scenarios making for some tense and downright bizarre experiences. One such encounter, as I've mentioned, focuses on a group of exploding Brahmin, who will walk towards the player very slowly before erupting into a concussive blast of gore.

While it might be a little annoying to be killed so quickly, you're likely going to be greeting Peter at the pearly gates with a smile on your face for how ridiculous this moment was.

It turns out that this encounter is a reference to a previous special encounter in Fallout 1, where the player could find a group of cows that spoke with human voices!

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