8 Insane Video Game Secrets That Made You Say WHAT?!

Turns out... you actually did shoot first.

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Video games, no matter their subject are experiences that can be boiled down to a conversation between player and the game itself.

It's a conversation comprised of much yelling, swearing and tears of joy and frustration, but there's always a dialogue between these two parties of subtle encouragement.

Even if a game is absolutely hammering your soul to the wall, the last thing a title actually wants you to do is stop playing, and so developers the world over spend hours of their time coming up with little tricks and secrets in order to tip the balance back into your favour.

As you might expect, and indeed have witnessed with some titles out and out asking you "Do you want to lower the difficulty?", a direct approach to solve this problem is usually met with frustration and anger by the community, and so, devs have to get creative when it comes to their micro-empowerment strategies.

So let's take a look at some creative and crazy methods studios utilised to keep our heads in the game and our avatars heads on their shoulders.

8. Multiplayer Damage Buffs - Gears Of War

silent hills pt
Epic Games

If there's one thing that video games pretty much have to adhere to when making an online multiplayer mode, it's that balance is king.

If a certain class, weapon or skill absolutely dominates everything else in the experience, then unfortunately that's what the player base will come to solely use, and therefore constant tweaking, testing and nerfs need to be rolled out constantly to keep the field even.

Or at least that's what they should do.

It turns out that some titles fly in the face of fairness, as in the example of Gears of War, it was revealed that players starting out on the games multiplayer were actually given damage boosts at lower levels!

The reason behind this was that according to research by the devs, players were unlikely to return for another match if they didn't get at least one kill in each game, and so in order to keep them engaged, these buffs would swing things in their favour enough to make an impact on both the game and their desire to keep playing.

These buffs would drop off as they levelled up, yet this made for a strange case where the most powerful players statistically were those newest to the game.

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