8 Lies The Video Game Industry Can't Stop Telling

When what they're advertising isn't what you buy.

cyberpunk 2077
CD Projekt RED

You ever think it's a little weird, just how many lies - and how much lying - the average gamer puts up with?

We're talking about an industry where fakery and bluster is king. Where astronomical amounts of money back something as hard to quantify as the feel of shooting a gun or moving a character.

An industry where despite the collective getting carried away on hype trains departing for No Man's Sky or something like Ghost Recon Breakpoint bombing to the point where Ubisoft lost 93% of their operating income in 2019, Cyberpunk 2077 lowered the bar even further across 2020.

It's truly staggering to be standing at the beginning of the ninth console generation - a time when the industry is more lucrative than ever for some, and more instant-fail for others - and wonder how much crazier it can get.

With the eighth generation seeing some of gaming's biggest longform issues come face-to-face with a mainstream audience, the power of 24 hour news cycles and social media sharing, we're at a point where awareness of the industry's biggest failings is front and centre.

Gaming Editor
Gaming Editor

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