8 Monumental Video Game Plot Twists Nobody Saw Coming – Commenter Edition

Infamous' Kessler twist is a true great.

Sucker Punch

Every role-playing game worth its salt will tell a deep and intriguing story, and every story worth hearing will feature some kind of shocking plot twist that causes us to question everything we think we know about characters we’ve grown to love.

So integral is the plot twist to mainstream storytelling these days that every game and their sequel present some sort of surprise intended to send players jaws slamming to the floor. Some games twist and turn so often it’s a miracle they don’t tie themselves in a knot.

We as players have become much more observant in our judgement of characters and events. The archetypal tropes that have held stories together for centuries have lost their edge. Even those of us who don’t follow the Spider-Man comics could spot Martin Li’s evil intentions a mile off.

Writers need to be far more subtle in their approach if they want to catch us off guard. We need to be hit by something that we genuinely did not see coming.

We’ve already listed our favourite shocking video game plot twists, but your suggestions in the comments were worthy of their own moment in the spotlight.


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