8 More Disturbing Video Game Twists That Came Out Of NOWHERE

Well.. that was BLEAK.

Alice the madness returns

As the video game industry expands and becomes swollen with a glut of titles, game developers are responding in kind and are no stranger to having to resort to strange and extreme measures in order to get eyes on their projects.

From insane advertising campaigns, delirious pre-order bonuses, or depraved cross-promotions, there really isn't an angle left unworked by those jostling to show us a good time.

Yet some developers understand that quite often, all you need to actually shift units is to have a well-made title that actually provides something worth talking about, be it a brilliant narrative, excellently executed set piece, or as in the case of these entries, a wrinkle, twist or moment that was so downright weird, it ventured into the disturbing.

After all, you're sure to set tongues wagging if you leave players feeling on the brink of discomfort, peering over the edge into the abyss of horror itself.

So let's take a look at the shocks and surprises that video games tucked away in otherwise unassuming projects, leaving us reeling... for better or worse.

8. Nuclear Options - Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

Alice the madness returns

While the glorious twitch reaction action and adrenaline rush approach to violence might sweep players up into thinking that Hotline Miami is about as deep as a puddle of blood when it comes to its narrative, you have to remember one thing, the Hotline Miami series wades deep into the claret as it is spilling buckets of the stuff, therefore there's a surprisingly deep and altogether depressing story hidden underneath its searing visuals.

Yet while the multiple character perspective might include Russian mobsters, detectives looking for answers, and of course actors looking to enact their most violent desires, these are not the arcs that provide the most shocking moments. As, come the close of the game, just when you think you've got a handle on the narrative, the game suddenly lurches into a literal nuclear war.

After both Russian and US representatives have been killed, nukes are launched which decimate entire continents, and instead of a glorious mission to stop global annihilation, we are instead presented with the futility of all of our choices, as we look over our selection of characters as they lament their final moments.

It's utterly depressing and altogether distressing to know that your actions throughout the entire game have been meaningless and all you've been doing is squabbling in the shadow of a much bigger conflict.


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