8 MORE Secret Video Game Endings That Took Incredible Effort To Unlock

Prepare for many sleepless nights if you want to see these.

Jak And Daxter 100 Ending

In an era when we're told that every second counts and that we should be maximizing every iota of time we have available, it's harder and harder for video game developers to convince players to stick around to finish off their narratives. Hell, it's a challenge to get anyone to sit through credits let alone ask them to do anything beyond this, but some titles go above and beyond when it comes to secret or alternative endings, asking the player to pour countless hours in for what sometimes amounts to just a few seconds of extra content.

Whether the game has truly hooked us, or there's a trophy tied to unlocking these obscure endings, players have risen to the challenge and sometimes gone through a game multiple times on varying difficulties, completing hidden or arduous tasks just to see how things have TRULY ended.

So from comedic to canonical endings, let's take a look at some more times that video games didn't just keep secret endings at arm's length but made us wrestle them out of their hands by completing insane requirements.

8. The Delicate Flower - Hollow Knight

Jak And Daxter 100 Ending
Team Cherry

Hollow Knight is a brilliant and bloody brutal title, and even getting to see one of its endings should be considered a true feat. However, for those looking to really push the boat out, attempting to see The Delicate Flower ending will take everything you can muster and then some.

In order to see this rather heartfelt closing section, the player must battle their way through all the Pantheon, effectively an uber hard boss rush mode, defeat Absolute Radiance - which is basically like taking the most intense boss battles of the decade, distilling them and then adding in bullet hell projectiles to the mix - AND you must have given The Delicate Flower to The Godseeker.

The first two sections of this challenge will see 99% of the player base drop out in tears, but this final cherry on the cake? It's also absolutely brutal as getting the flower to the Godseeker in one piece is ridiculous. Fast travel and taking ANY damage will see the flower wither so you need to be at the top of your game in order to see the ending of this one.

That said it's a hauntingly beautiful moment which if you've got the skill, is worth hunting down.

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